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Baudouin launches 6F21 at SMM

Baudouin is currently exhibiting at SMM in Hamburg and officially launched the new 6F21 to the European market.

Performance technology

This level of performance was achieved by the evolution of multiple technologies. The 6F21 includes a strengthened engine structure to withstand high torque and a higher cylinder pressure of well over 200 bar. A two-stage turbocharger system is also fitted on the engine, along with two intercoolers, and a high-end common rail system,
operating at 2200 bar.

Easy maintenance

The 6F21 delivers this genuine marine design with marine components, such as individual cylinder heads that make maintenance easy even in the smallest of engine rooms. The fuel filters are mounted in the front to allow easy and quick maintenance, and there is no need to dismantle any part of the engine in order to reach a component.


The 6F21 is one of the most compact marine propulsion engines in the market offering the most power at the same time. Materials have been optimized to decrease the overall weight. Cast iron and steel are only used when stress and temperature demand it. Flywheel housing, the oil sump, covers, brackets, supports, and even heat exchanger bodies
are all constructed from light alloys.


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