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TotalEnergies joins several large-scale research and development platforms for offshore wind

TotalEnergiesAligned with TotalEnergies’ commitment to better energy, innovation is central to the company’s global ambitions. Through a large R&D program, TotalEnergies focusses on promoting offshore wind installation and operation technologies that protect and strengthen marine life, as well as advancing biodiversity monitoring. The company also targets an integrated and sustainable energy system with power to X solutions, EV charging, other energy storage technologies and a circular economy.

To support its strong offshore wind development ambitions in the Netherlands recently reflected in the Hollandse Kust West VI/VII offshore wind farm tenders participation, and to explore renewable marine energy technologies, TotalEnergies is pleased to announce it is partnering with several key organisations in the Netherlands, NWEA, DMEC and with SIMOX (for which partnering is in progress):

• In the Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA), TotalEnergies will promote the development of wind energy to achieve a sustainable Dutch energy supply;
• The SIMOX project (Sustainable Installation of XXL Monopiles) will enable TotalEnergies to develop and to implement innovative and noiseless technologies for the installation of XXL monopiles to protect biodiversity in the North Sea. SIMOX is part of the GROW research program (Growth through Research, Development & Demonstration in Offshore Wind in the Netherlands) in which TotalEnergies is willing to contribute;
• The Dutch Marine Energy Center (DMEC), International accelerator specialised in marine renewable energy, will bring to TotalEnergies, solutions to generate clean power from oceans, seas and rivers.

“We are pleased to join several Offshore Wind platforms and the Marine Excellence Centre for Clean Energy in the Netherlands to develop and demonstrate cost-effective and reliable technology solutions for offshore wind and hybrid systems as well as ensuring highest ecological benefits from our activities. This cooperation is one more step towards our ambition to be Net Zero by 2050 in harmony with nature and together with society, and our decarbonation objectives in the country”, says Robert Joore, Country Chair of TotalEnergies in the Netherlands.

Beyond these R&D projects TotalEnergies has already engaged in a vast development program of new energies solutions for the Netherlands. Such as, large-scale green hydrogen projects supported by our two showcase electrolyser projects H2Ero (150MW) and EnergHys (264MW), deployment of EV charging and H2 mobility stations and active participation in a major Carbon Capture project. This integrated portfolio is expected to be completed by offshore wind solutions and specially by the Hollandse Kust West offshore wind farms (HKW) which will allow TotalEnergies to reach the carbon neutrality objectives of the Company in the country.