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Kite flying with Falcon

FalconFlying kites underwater to generate electricity is an innovative renewable energy concept being installed in the Faroe Islands, supported by SJH Diving and their new Saab Seaeye Falcon.

The subsea kite turbine is a unique concept created by developer Minesto to generate electricity in tidal streams and ocean currents using the principle of flying a stunt kite in the wind. By swooping through the water in a constant figure of eight motion on a tethered cable, the kite turbine accelerates through the water considerably faster than the actual flow speed. The electricity generated from a kite turbine is several hundred times greater than from a stationary turbine.

In support of multiple kite installations, Faroes-based SJH Commercial Diving will deploy their Seaeye Falcon underwater robot for inspecting power-cable runs along the seabed to the shore and inspecting and cleaning foundation points. Símin Jákup Højsted of SJH Diving says the Falcon was the best choice for strong currents compared to five competitive makes of vehicles. SJH Diving has been involved with the project for over two years.

Minesto is a marine energy technology developer founded in 2007, since when it has successfully developed its unique marine energy technology called Deep Green. The ability to also operate at low velocities makes Minesto’s Deep Green the only technology to be cost-efficient in both tidal and ocean currents. Mastering currents has helped the Falcon become a top selling robot in its class, along with its being an easy to use, small, intelligent, powerful, and multi-tasking with a reliability record covering over a million hours underwater. SJH’s Seaeye Falcon comes with a multi-beam sonar, single function and five function manipulators, a cathodic potential probe and a fully-kitted cleaning skid.