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Life at sea surrounded by nature! 

When sailing the ocean, feeling the greatness of the earth, there is a longing for nature on board. We want to stay connected with nature and you can see that reflected in the latest interior designs.

There is a calling for natural materials and in recent boat shows we have seen some exquisite examples of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.  

Styled flower bouquets are often not the only natural element on board. True gardens with living plants make their way to the decks. Some yachts even house a horizontal garden, stretching over two decks. With harsh conditions sailing the ocean, such as salty, sunny weather, it is challenging to provide living plants with ideal conditions not forgetting the required maintenance. 

The designer, who recognised the desire for nature coming up years ago, is Liesbeth Bulk from the Dutch studio Crush on Nature. She happens to be an expert on designing with plants and flowers with a Master’s degree in fine arts from the Rietveld Academy.   

Teaming up with glass companies from the superyacht industry she worked for a variety of clients in private residences and business locations, Crush on Nature developed many techniques to implement plants in interiors. 

For superyacht interiors, as they are literally ‘on the move’, the studio offers bespoke glass panels with true fern leaves inside. The soft green foliage, melted in glass, creates a beautiful natural atmosphere. Perfect for a vanity room or wellness area. The patterns of true leaves make a calm place for relaxation. Application is not limited to a wall panel or tabletop. Also, a shower wall with elegant strategic masking with the true fern leaves is possible. Soft backlighting, layering multiple panels, and a combination with mirror glass, create depth and the experience of endless natural space. 

The studio has created large Floating Flora dividing walls. A large collage, of flat-dried plants, is placed between two planes of glass. The filigree of the plants creates a light and spatial interior.  

The Rotterdam-based studio translated delicate plant collages into high-resolution digital images. Crush on Nature´s flower and plant collection is one of Europe´s biggest digitalised, creative herbaria. With this amazing collection Crush on Nature can not only create glass panels with collages of flowers, leaves, twigs, and tendrils but can also provide images to be transferred to paneling, textile, tiles, Corian, etc.  

Does your project require a natural touch? 

Crush on Nature offers a full scope of brainstorm meetings to explore how to translate your ideas into Crush on Nature techniques. Or do you have a specific request for a digital collage? The company knows how to bring the perfect natural atmosphere and balance into an interior using real and digital flora.