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GN Rope Fittings sets new world record for largest forged shackle

GN Rope FittingsGN Rope Fittings, a manufacturer of ROV, mooring, heavy lifting, and rigging connections to the global oil & gas and offshore wind industries, has made the world’s largest forged shackle, surpassing its own previous record.

The latest product, built in fourteen weeks, is a bespoke wide-body shackle with the world’s heaviest load-bearing capacity. The forged shackle has a working load limit of 3,000t (WLL3000T) – equivalent to lifting thirteen Statues of Liberty. Commissioned by IQIP, the shackle will be part of a system for the monopile installation of offshore wind turbines. It was forged and produced at GN Rope Fittings’ sole manufacturing facility in Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands, using raw materials from Western Europe to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship.

The company first completed one of the world’s largest shackles in 2009 when it manufactured a 1,750t version, followed by 2,000t. It broke the record again when it produced a 2,500t forged shackle in 2016. For the latest shackle, the bow was designed to be shorter than the standard, meaning fewer raw materials. At the client’s request, the bow was designed in a D-shape – not the conventional omega shape. The bow radius and the jaw opening are larger than for standard shackles, demonstrating GN Rope Fittings’ ability to modify any product range to deliver bespoke solutions. Additional features include a shaft for the installation of the pin.

The shackle was load tested to DNV lifting standards, followed by a non-destructive testing inspection. The company has its own in-house WLL6000T test bench in the Netherlands and all testing was done there. Bart Vossenberg JR, Director of GN Rope Fittings, says, “Innovating forged solutions for the most cost-effective results for our clients is a passion at GN Rope Fittings. We take pride in developing products that not only meet our clients’ needs but also uphold the highest standards of quality and safety. These priorities remain at the forefront of our work. We’re witnessing an increasing demand in larger capacity equipment for renewable energy projects and we’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the growth of this industry. We’re confident that our team’s expertise and capabilities will continue to drive innovation and deliver bespoke solutions in renewables. We’re eager and ready to take on more challenging projects like this in the future.”

Photo: From left to right, behind the world’s largest forged shackle:  GN Rope Fittings Director Bart Vossenberg JR Vera Vossenberg, Head Administrator, and Bart Vossenberg SR, CEO.